This may be painful to hear but the Weakest Link in your company's profit chain... MAY BE YOU!

For Years We've Operated Behind The Scenes, Quietly Brokering Hugely Profitable Strategic Partnerships For Hundreds Of Lucky Clients. Now We Want To Show YOU How To Uncover Massive And Untapped Profits Lying Dormant In Your Business


This might be a bit unsettling


If your ego can't withstand a blistering 90 minute interrogation into the fine-grained details of your business model including razor sharp and merciless questions revealing...


Exactly how much money you've left on the table since day one.


How you can plug the leaks


How to find buried opportunities most people walk right past (hint some of them may be in your own back pocket and you don't even know it)


And how to open the revenue floodgates sending a staggering volume of new leads, sales and profits into your business...


With a Master Game-Plan keyed to sustaining and increasing those gains in profitability


 ...Then please, do yourself a favor and step back in line. Because this is not for you. 


From: JP Maroney and Marc Goldman


Re: Joint Ventures For Grown-Up Businesses


 Dear Serious Entrepreneur,


If you're tired of the constant barrage of garbage coming from the Internet Marketing crowd...


If you're suspicious of empty buzzwords spewed at you by self-important gurus...


If youre sick of outlandish claims made by adolescent punks who were in diapers when you first opened the doors to your business...


If this is you, and you're looking for solid, real-world strategies from business growth specialists with proven track records, listen up.


Weve prepared your seat at our unscripted, live event promising potentially instantly realizable profits from even the most UNDER-Performing, UN-Sexy, lost or orphaned assets in your business.


You heard us correctly.


At the same moment you're getting a world-class marketing makeover, complete with actionable take-away strategies... we'll be simultaneously showcasing your business to our golden rolodex of contacts hand selected specifically for this event.


Your Business Needs You To Be Here


Marc Goldman And JP Maroney

Are Extending You A Members Only Invite

To Sit In One Of Only 10 8

JV DealMakers Strategic Alliance HotSeats



689 to 1

Return on Investment


"I found one partner through JV Dealmakers that invested $20,000 into my software and Commerce development business. I certainly think my investment in JV Dealmakers was the best business investment I've ever made."

--Ken Weatheford



Make Sure You Have

Enough Phone Lines To Handle The Call Volume


"Sorry Marc for not phoning. Got swamped with JV offers thanks to JV Dealmakers. Your service rocks... But I will take advantage on your offer to talk to you on the phone once the dust has settled a bit here... Looking forward to working with you, Terry and Jim..."

--Peter Lenkefi



Gain Inside Access

To Heavy Hitters


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not only did I get 5 partners within the first 2 days, but I got Mike G, one of the Internets top marketers.

I am now in the process of doing a Joint Venture with someone whom I could not have even dreamt of joint venturing with... and it is all thanks to JV Dealmakers."

--Ash Trivedi



"Marc and Terry,
All I can say is -- WOW.

Your JV Secrets package is terrific.

In each of the detailed examples you've given a little business model that I believe anyone can follow. And the bonuses you've thrown in are worth 10 times the whole package price (which in my opinion, is way too low - raise your prices, this information is worth lots more).

I've been recommending your package to our subscribers and members. Thanks again, great job!"

-- Mark Hendricks -

Reserve your seat today and well poke, prod, excavate and sift through your business (or businesses)...whether traditional or new economy, offline or online...


...In front of over 200 successful entrepreneurs, list owners, business professionals, inventors and venture capitalists who are looking to expand their profit-pulling capacities by leveraging their lists, product lines, and resources (in real-time) with you.


You'll experience the exact process we follow to help our clients quickly send double, triple, even quadruple profits straight to their bottom line.


We promise, once youve tasted the ability to grow a business without limit and almost no risk because theres always another list or product out there that perfectly complements your business... You'll be addicted.


This isn't lunch and learn. Were offering you the chance to join us live, on-stage in front of over 200 potential new best friends for your business.


That's right...


If you think you can stand the heat and you meet our stringent qualifications youll find yourself smack dab in the middle of an eye-popping examination of every aspect of your enterprises profit capturing potential...


...with the opportunity to form mutually lucrative relationships with other successful businesses eager to partner with you.


This promises to be a truly memorable, extremely rewarding experience.


But before we get into the details of JV Dealmakers Strategic Alliance Building Series and how you can grab your own HotSeat, we should introduce ourselves.


There are only three reasons you're reading this message right now...   

  1. Either JP Maroney or Marc Goldman has personally invited you. (And you wisely decided to check this out.)

  1. One of our trusted associates recognized this opportunity as a great fit for you, and invited you.

  1. Or one of the hundreds of raving fans we have in the business world told you about what weve done for them, and pointed you in our direction.

So Who Are We And

Why Should You Listen To Us?



Hi, I'm JP Maroney AKA The Pitbull of Business Development.


I've also been called a Serial Entrepreneur. Throughout the course of my business career Ive founded seven companies, bought five others and sold two.


At age 19, I started my first company. By twenty-four, Id failed in my 3rd business attempt, was completely broke, deep in debt and facing bankruptcy.


How's that for blowing my own horn?


But I was determined to make good on my dream of building a successful media business, so I started a magazine publishing company (that's #4 if you're keeping track) and within three years built it into a regional power-house before selling to another publishing group in 1999.

      Currently, Im the Chairman of MaroCom Group, an international consulting and training firm specializing in strategic business growth and development. I also own equity interests and sit on the board of several companies in a wide variety of industries.


My clients often ask me some variation of this question...


What drives you so hard

to help us succeed?


The simple answer is Im a born entrepreneur.


Some folks do this because they know no other way to make a fantastic living. I do it because I love the challenge.


To me this is much more than a J-O-B.


The best way I can show you how I feel about my work is to compare it to the way a great many professional athletes talk about their day jobs.


Most of them just cant believe how fortunate they are that they actually get paid to do what they love.


In fact, if you'll permit me, Id like to give you a small bit of wisdom I learned a while back.


Its this...


Find something you love doing so much youd do it for free, then you'll be able to ask whatever price you wish.


Now I cant hit a high-hanging curve ball, and Ill never win an Oscar, but Im as excited by my work as Derek Jeter and Tom Hanks are by theirs.


And Im honored to have the privilege of getting paid to play for some of the finest people I know.


The Secret Weapon behind my stores

remarkable turnaround is JP Maroney!


 We more than tripled our client database in less than 10 months a better than 300% growth in the in-house list we now market back to for repeat sales and referral clients


   Our promotions attracted more than 4,795 NEW clients to my store this year


  Our 155 year-old company enjoyed 35% growth over last year -- when the rest of our industry is averaging 1.5% growth


  Our March 05 sales were 110% higher than March 04, and


  Our November 05 sales were 71% higher than November 04, and


  In February 05 we had THE HIGHEST sales in our 155-year-history for a non-December month


  My repair shop became booked so solid that we were 6-weeks behind on repairs and had to hire a 3rd jeweler JUST TO KEEP UP!


  We've achieve double-digit growth this year paying for it 100% out of cash flow without borrowing a single dime! 


THANKS JP, Grandpa would be proud!


Shannon Murphey


Sixth-Generation Jeweler and Entrepreneur


So you see, Ive been walking the walk

out in the real word for quite some time


The strategies I use to grow my client's businesses work because they're based on proven principles along with detailed, specific means for applying them.


 No matter what business youre in, cultivating Strategic Alliances is far and away the strongest lever you can use to instantly ratchet up the cash flow generated by your business with truly impressive (sometimes almost unbelievable) margins.


 But don't take my word for it. None other than Jay Abraham arguably the greatest business growth strategist ever has this to say about the powerful process Marc and I teach to elevate the profits (and improve the lives) of our clients...


It was the most lucrative, leveraging,

lazy way I found to make a lot

of money. ~Jay Abraham.

Marc Goldman, CEO Goldbar Enterprises, LLCMy partner and I couldnt agree more.

My name is Marc Goldman.

 In 1996 my wife (and business partner) Terri and I founded Goldbar Enterprises LLC to focus on developing high quality E-commerce Automation Solutions and Strategic Partnership Information to give small businesses a suite of tools to grow as big as they like.


After spending millions of dollars and years of development we introduced GoldbarOne, our signature E-Commerce solution scalable for any-sized business.


We built our business to actually solve the problems of business owners like you (not just talk about them).

Like JP, we've had the good fortune to work down in the trenches with an inspiring group of entrepreneurs, often shoulder to shoulder to grow their businesses and increase profitability. The results weve achieved with our clients have been truly gratifying.

Leverage Your Lists

  "Marc Goldman is the pre-eminent expert in using joint ventures to jumpstart, kick-start and spearhead your business. When I go for joint venture advice, I only go to the Great Marc Goldman"

--Mike Litman - Host of The Mike Litman Radio Show

Dramatically Increase Your Bookings and Speaking Fees


"Marc Goldman wrote the book on Joint Ventures!"

--Robert Imbriale - the Motivational Marketer


So why does this matter to you?


Because when JP and I got together to dissect the most successful practices adopted by companies exhibiting explosive sudden growth in profits (in many cases without any need to increase in size)...

We were forced to return to the same core strategies that reliably produce dramatic

up-swings in profit with almost zero risk


Here's what we mean.


When a business owner or C-level executive seeks our help, they're counting on more than the fact that we've both built successful businesses from scratch.


Our clients are hard-nosed types who aren't swayed by self-serving promotion or wild-eyed hype.


They're looking for the kind of seasoned judgment that comes from having modeled hundreds of businesses... painstakingly examining revenue streams, product lines and client lists... then carefully considering how to reassemble the pieces to exploit hidden profit centers and lost marketing opportunities.


And all of themeven veteran entrepreneurs appreciate the sixth sense weve developed as a result of our deep experience with a wide cross-section of enterprises.


You'd be hard pressed to name a type of business that hasn't crossed either my desk or JPs. That track record gives us unique insight into what might otherwise be lost opportunities.  Chances are weve helped someone just like you.


Bringing this dual perspective to the Hot Seat format allows us to create a sort of marketing chain reaction with a big upside for extra profit.


Sometimes windfall profits.


JP and I soon realized this dynamic format was not only a valuable tool for identifying the holes in someone's business modelwhen you have two top business strategists each feeding off the others energy...


The Results Are Downright Electrifying

If youve ever witnessed a master marketer conducting a hot seat interview (or had the good fortune to sit in one yourself) you know its one of the most exhilarating, personally and professionally rewarding experiences you can have.


Adding a live audience to the mix sets the stage for a dizzying variety of partnerships, alliances and joint ventures... with the capability to strike white-hot deals almost on the spot.


Those with the good fortune to experience these events have reported seemingly magical increases in their business fortunes.


But there can be a downside. (Actually, there are a couple of them.)


Because when facilitated by undisciplined leaders, theres a risk of the hot seat format decaying into a kind of Wham, Bam and Thank You affair.


We've seen it with even master marketers.


You start out in breathless anticipation... then 30 to 60 minutes of frenzied back and forth while your mind spins nearly out of control with new ideas...


...Afterwards you're dazed, maybe even a bit remorseful because by the time you get home you dont quite remember what actually happened.


You get a grab bag of ideas to take back with you, but how do you know where to start implementing that list?


You might be tempted to blame the person who got you so lathered up, and then sent you on your way. But its not their fault (don't worry, its not your fault either).


Its just that a lot of really phenomenal Big Idea marketers dont possess the necessary temperament or skill-set to help shepherd your ideas to completion.


You get to lug home a suitcase full of new strategies and concepts, but what usually ends up happening is... nothing. Bask in the afterglow for a couple of weeks and then its back to business as usual.


We Want To Make Absolutely

Sure That Doeskin Happen To You



My first JV Deal While I Was Sleeping

 "I joined up with your Joint Venture Gold Program the very first time you wrote to me about it, sometime in the middle of this month.

...signed up, paid my fee, wrote my letter that you sent out and went to bed. This was probably around 1 a.m.. or so. I am a late night person.

I woke up the very next day to around 8 responses already. I opened up the very first one mind you and God all mighty as it is turning out this contact is now flying in with a partner to meet with our Corporate Officers just as a result of your great JV Dealmakers Program."

--Steven R. Hopper
eWorldMedia, Inc.


"I landed my first

JV deal within

15 minutes... 

of being at your site. It is one powerful site!"

--Glenn Coleman
North Vancouver, BC


"WOW Marc!...

This is really exciting...

 I am so glad I can be a part of this you don't know. What you are making accessible here is amazing. To offer this new reach into the market place is going to change a lot lives online for sure.

Why any JV minded marketer wouldn't jump to become a JV Dealmakers member would be beyond me... That's why I jumped so quick that I became your very 1st member... Watch this be the best step of my internet marketing career ever!"

--Michael Nicholas


JP and I pride ourselves (and our track-record bears this out) on giving our clients specific, actionable information along with a step-by-step game plan providing clear direction on whats next.


 Here's where it gets interesting...


 Were going to hand select exactly 10 8 extremely well qualified candidates to take their turn in a two-and-one Strategic Alliance JV HotSeat.


 And you may be just the person were looking for. 


  • We will meet with you on a LIVE 90-minute JV HotSeat conference call.


  • Well analyze your project or business for unleveraged assets, hidden profit potential and unrealized earnings.


  • Well scope out joint-venture partners that you would never have dreamed of before.


  • Well put you AND your business on the JV HotSeat and roast you over the coals until we create a master JV Plan for you that, assuming you follow it to the letter, could skyrocket your business to new profits and new revenue streams helping you to achieve never before realized goals for your business.


Well do this all LIVE in front of a couple hundred or more eager listeners who get to eavesdrop as we tear into your business challenges and frustrations answer your questions about growth and profit opportunities then turn up the heat and lay out your personal Fast Track plan for growing your business and profits through joint-ventures.


But were looking for players, not posers. So if you're not serious about growing your legitimate business by a factor of 10 or more, please dont waste your time.


By serious, we mean,


Unquestioned Integrity and your personal commitment to back your products and services by every means at your disposal. We want to make absolutely certain we don't introduce anyone to our loyal clients who we may have to apologize for.


Fully Committed to Winning by any ethical means available. If youre not in to win, you'll find this is too much like work. If youre committed, your enthusiasm will show and the deals will come that much easier.


Enthusiastic about Your Product and In Love With Your Clients and Customers... people instinctively know if youre on a mission or out for commission and they respond accordingly.


By legitimate, we mean...


Online Businesses (NO Internet Marketers) maybe you have a once hot information product that's now dying on the vine, and want to generate new markets for your products, (or find new beneficial products to introduce to your loyal list. )


Service Providers like web-hosting, or print shops with nationwide dealer networks wanting to leverage existing relationships to move complimentary products and services.


Media Agencies and Magazine Publishers who recognize your lists are underutilized resources that can ethically help subscribers achieve their goals while adding to your bottom line.


Traditional Brick-and-Mortar or Retail Businesses with under performing product lines who dont have the time or experience to seek out willing partners to leverage their existing assets.


Business Coaches, Authors and Seminar Speakers. (NO Internet Marketing Gurus) Well show you how we command top dollar and stay booked solid at seminars, boot camps and live events... and how to have the Big Names eager to share the stage with you.


If youre already doing these things, great. 


You've distanced yourself from the pack and are undoubtedly making a good living as you help your clients achieve their goals...


But what are you (and your audience) missing?


You see, time and time again weve found even A-list speakers and coaches afraid to introduce great products or services to their lists for fear of losing customers. Theyll think Im pushy, they say, I don't want to appear greedy. Somebody might steal them from me. (There, we said it.)


When that happens no one wins.


Look, if youre in the business of serving your clients... if youve genuinely fallen in love with them and you're passionate about helping them grow their businesses and improve their lives...

 If you truly live by this philosophy

which is shared by all great

companies and entrepreneurs...


Isn't it your obligation to join with like-minded enterprises to deliver goods and services you know will move your customers in the direction of their dreams?


 Because were here to tell you, if you don't someone else will.  

Dont for a minute think that were about to start singing Kumba Ya. Or get all touchy-feely about how business has gotten too competitive or that you shouldnt be so greedy.


 This is business, and were sure you get the same thrill from crushing the competition that we do.


 But look at it from your customers point of view... if you introduce them to something that genuinely benefits them, well then, you get to be the HERO. And if youre in this for the long term, you already know the goodwill you're building far outstrips anything you may lose.


   Besides, (and you already know this, too) chances are someone else is already wooing your customers by offering exactly what were talking about.


Dude, I cant even sleep...


...after talking with you last night.


I consider myself a pretty sharp guy, but talking to you for that hour set off a chain reaction in my brain that just wont stop. Idea after idea, multiplying like the bunnies in that credit card commercial kept popping into by head.


JP,  if that conversation with you doesnt make me another $150,000 this year, Ill eat my hat. And I wear lots of hats.


Ray Edwards


Its what Jay A. means when he talks about the Strategy of Preeminence... your clients must feel at all times that they are under your protection... that you're looking out for them. But do they?...


...To the degree that whether you have a list of a hundred, one thousand or 500,00 the vast majority of them know without question the uncompromising passion you have to serve each and every one of them.


By now youre beginning to realize were talking about more than a marketing consultation. And frankly, what most people want when they ask for outside help is the quick fix.


They think, If I just had access to someone else's deep pockets, my problems would go away. But it really goes much deeper. 


Were talking about a 90-minute complete overhaul of the way you see your business.


Youll never again need to go looking for a white knight or sugar daddy, or whatever short-term solution you think is going to help your business turn the corner and become the vehicle that transforms your life.


  Ultimately, Were Talking About a

Mindset that Allows You to Attract

Precisely the People, Ideas and Resources

Your Business Needs to Thrive


You'll leave the stage endowed with a full complement of tools and the knowledge base you need to experience the rewards and independent lifestyle you went into business for in the first place.


 We call it The Dealmakers Mindset.


Once you have It, youll be amazed at your ability to quickly make key distinctions like...


The difference between a true Joint Venture (or Strategic Alliance) and being someone's Affiliate" (This can mean a difference of tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the lifetime value of your customers)


How to use Affinity Marketing principles to open fertile new ground for your products. (Penetrate markets before your competition even knows they exist.)


How to manage your relationships and leverage your lists no matter what size to strike the best deal possible (It ain't always Win-Win, baby)


Why chasing the Big Score, is not only futile, but how it works against your long-term AND short-term goals. (Do you want a "one night stand, or a long-term affair with your customers?)


A simple tool that allows you to manage your Joint Ventures so they become perpetual cash vaults. (Remember: "Trust, but Verify!")


The one characteristic you must look for if you want to bootstrap existing affiliate relationships into true alliances.


How to instantly know which of three stages any business relationship occupies, and how to step it up (or down) to the desired level.


When to go for quantity over quality.


The one fatal mistake you must avoid at all costs, (and how to recover when you cant avoid it.)


And The One Thing You Must Have before you even consider asking someone to promote you to their list.


The one thing more important than money in every relationship and every business activity.


How to make sure you don't miss out on what is absolutely the easiest money you can ever make in any transaction.



Youll never look at your business, or anyone else's in quite the same way again.


But heres the Hidden Opportunity...


While the call is going on and your mind is racing, so will be the minds of the listeners who are also on the call. And while that's all happening, were going to motivate them to begin thinking of  


How they might Joint-Venture with YOU!


Well engage their minds and turn on their thought processes then well open the floodgates for them to submit their ideas for how they can introduce your products and services to their lists.


(NOTE: Many of our clients, colleagues and contacts who'll be listening in on this call have massive online and offline client lists in a wide variety of industries and niches and some of them will almost surely be exactly the people who will partner with you to take your business or project to the levels you desire.)


So during the call, were going to prompt them to contact us (through a private page for your protection) and submit their ideas for creating money-spinning new ventures with you.


We intend to create a FEEDING FRENZY of entrepreneurs, list owners and joint-venture brokers who are eager to promote your business, your products, your services.


And, for that reason, we must warn you


This isnt for everyone!


Wed be lying if we said anyone and everyone is welcome to join us for an exclusive JV HotSeat. We simply cant offer it to just anyone at this time.


Here's why:


Were busy running successful businesses of our own. We just cannot do this with everyone or for everyone.


At this point we only have 10 8 available JV HotSeats and they are ONLY going to go to the most appropriate and promising candidates.


We want to work with business-builders who are passionate about creating immediate results to be gained by turning on the Joint-Venture Marketing Machine


So let me briefly tell you who this is not for.


At this point, were not accepting application for JV HotSeats with


Multilevel Marketing Companies or Distributors: We know people whove built very large and highly successful organizations in networking marketing. However, that's not the type of business model for which these 10 JV HotSeats are design.


Unproven Products or Services: Frankly, we love innovation. But for this round of 10 JV HotSeats we want to ONLY work with companies that have proven products or services preferably with success stories, case histories and track record... the types of products or services that are poised for massive sales growth and simply need to be introduced to new audiences, new markets and ready buyers.


Flaky, Phony or Hokey Internet Products and Services: You have to admit it there's a flood of internet marketing products, services, ebooks and courses being introduced each and every day.


Some are quite legit. And wed be happy to work with the entrepreneurs who run those businesses. But, be advised


We will not associate our names, our reputations, or our goodwill with scams or other useless products and services that do nothing more than prey on naive or unknowledgeable internet hopefuls.




If we haven't scared you, and you know with just a little exposure to the right lists and product lines you're capable of taking things to the next level this is for you. 


If youre able to access this letter, we

still have at least one JV HotSeat available.

If you're serious about this, please take the time for this brief self-assessment to see if your business is poised to benefit from this opportunity...

Do you currently run a successful business with revenues in the high-five to six-figures per year, with an established customer list and/or existing products?


Are you looking for new ways to grow your already successful business?


Do you have a back-file of great business ideas but lack the resources to fund them?


Do you have a special copywriting or programming or graphic design...and just need the contacts to put your talents to use?


Do you have one or more lists of loyal buyers, but you're running out of appealing products you can confidently recommend to them?


Or do you have a great product line, but seem to have run out of eager buyers and just need access to new markets?


If you answered YES! to even one question, wed like to invite you to join us for a ninety-minute crash course in JV deal making guaranteed to complete your success equation.


And we want to make it as easy and as affordable as we can for you to reserve your JV HotSeat.


Just follow the link at the bottom of this page to confirm your seat.


Only after we review all applications (to make sure we choose only the people and businesses most suitable to participate) will we process your payment.


In the case we receive two or more equally qualified applications, priority will go to the earliest submission.


Of course you want to know

what your investment will be.


We thought wed try something a little different, and give you full transparency to our pricing.


To be frank, both of us have fired most of our clients. We found we just did not have enough hours in the day to work with anybody but the most passionate, enthusiastic men and women who could make the commitment to implement what we teach.


And we long ago found an exponentially better way of making far more money than trading time for dollars. (Youve probably guessed what it is.)


So weve set ridiculously high premiums on our time.


JP currently charges $1,500.00 per hour for business growth and development strategizing. And hes still too busy to accept any new clients. Marcs fees are comparable.


At those rates youre talking around $4,500 dollars for 90+ minutes of exposure to the most dynamic business-building, two-and-one format imaginable. And our clients and peers will tell you at that price its still a bargain.


Putting this in perspective, the value you receive from having JP and I simultaneously engaged in a mastermind give-and-take with you is worth far more than simply $4,500 =  (1-1/2 hours X 2 consultants X $1,500.00)


Because the synergy generated when you have 2 Master Business Growth Strategists bouncing ideas, creating connections and extending thoughts is not a linear effect.


Just this format alone is credited by our clients for adding an instant 5, 6 and 7 figures (that's right - 7 figures) directly to their bottom line.


When You Add Over 200 Ready to Deal

Audience Members To This Potent Format,

You're Talking Absolutely Explosive, Almost Jackpot Potential During Every Second Of

The Entire 90 Minutes of Your HotSeat


And you better believe when we negotiate JV deals for out clients, they're in complete agreement with the standard 20% broker fees we charge for shepherding them completely through every detail of what can sometimes be maddeningly complex transactions.


Now if you belong to a large trade association and want to book JP or Marc to speak at your event, you can cut your per person costs, but will that get you personal attention to the specific challenges you face as an entrepreneur? 


Probably not.


And there are seminars and other large events you can attend that offer to coach you. Some of them are quite good (even if they're a bit crowded).


In fact we know of one that's scheduled for late spring in Phoenix thats well worth the $7500.00 price being charged. If you go, you wont be disappointed.


Theyre even taking a page from our playbook and offering to conduct a few free hot seats with folks they pick out of the audience. Useful stuff, but how much preparation do you imagine there will be for someone whose name gets picked out of a hat?


Still, its a nice value add for the money, and it will give them a chance to add some interactivity to their event.


If you've bought your ticket to this event, dont worry. They wont be repeating what were doing.

In Fact, NO ONE is Offering You This Unique Combination of Intense, Concentrated, Profit-Boosting Focus While at the
Same Time Handing You the Kind of Sustainable Step-By-Step Plan for Positive Action You'll get from Participating in JV DealMakers Strategic Alliance Builders HotSeats.


Youll agree that if this was our entire program, it would still be a most impressive offer.


But as we said, we want to do everything possible to make an immediate impact on your bottom line.


So were going to stack the odds heavily in your favor by inviting perhaps the most impressive array of proactive, make it happen now investors, list owners, and business builders ever assembled on a teleconference.


Well have our tech support staff and operators standing ready to quickly link you with carefully prescreened potential partners who, in our judgment, offer you the best possible match for success.


And well even broker the deals ourselves, to ensure you (our client) gets the most favorable possible terms for any deal you choose to go through with.


Urgent Update!


JP and I have decided for this event only to reduce our customary brokers fee by half. 


This means any and every deal (whether its 1, 5, 9 or more) you strike as a result of JV DealMakers Strategic Alliance Builders HotSeats will be brokered at only 10% gross deal value (gdv).  We want to remove every obstacle we can to bringing you the most favorable deals possible!


 Marc Goldman and JP Maroney

When we told our associates we were offering

to do this, the first thing they asked was, Why?  


 To them, it doesnt make sense to work one-on-one not when you can spend far less time putting together an ebook or seminar for one-tenth the cost, and make tens or hundreds of thousands more dollars.


And when we told them what we planned on charging, they threatened to disavow even knowing us. If word gets out about this, they said, it will ruin us. (Were pretty sure theyll forgive us, considering all the money weve helped them rake in.)


But after thinking it through and reminding ourselves of the challenges and the thrill we felt from our first few JV deals, (and the continued growth of our bank accounts) we decided making a ton of money wasnt going to be our driving motivation for this.


Whats important is that we work with 10 exceptional people who are passionate about learning
something that can provide them a lifetime of greater opportunities, bigger dreams, and more choices
than they may have dared think possible.


So were not going to ask you to pay the $7500.00 you'd be forking over for some seminar that only offers one of the key features of the JV Dealmakers HotSeat.


Were not going to ask the $5,000 other master marketing consultants recommend for basic no frills consultations.


Were not even going to ask you to pay the $4,500 wed receive for 90 minutes of consulting when a new client convinces both of us to work with them.


What we decided was an affordable $997.00.


  Yes Marc and JP Reserve My HotSeat Today!


Now if that price makes your heart skip a beat, we wont be offended. And if the current state of your business doesnt allow you to confidently click over to the application and join us in this, we want to urge you to do whats best for you in your present situation.


And we want to thank you for the privilege of hearing us.


If youre still reading this its because you sense your business is merely walking with a lot of extra effort and attention needed from you...when it could be running at full speed while you use your new-found freedom to create new opportunities and enjoy the people and experiences your hard work should be bringing you.


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        Explore the Anatomy of a Joint Venture - Each month we'll be analyzing one of our members' successful Joint Ventures. We'll post the entire interview in the JV Dealmakers member area so you can see exactly how a successful Joint Venture is structured.

If you werent familiar with the leveraging power of Joint Ventures before reading this, youre no doubt beginning to see the potential breakthrough gains your business stands to make.


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Bonus #1: "JV Dealmakers Inner Circle Secrets" ($29 value)

Bonus #2: "JV Mastermind Interviews" ($597 value)


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Before you click on the next page, we invite you to scroll down and read just a few of the comments from associates and friends whove used the incredible power of Joint Ventures to lift their livelihoods far past anything they thought possible.


We stand ready to help you achieve your dreams.



Your Willing Allies, 







~JP Maroney                                                             ~Marc Goldman


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I suggest you listen to these recordings before your HotSeat, theyll give you an entirely new understanding of what youre about to experience.


I'm Ready To Strike A Deal!


My affiliation with Marc Goldman,

has literally changed my life

 This is what has happened as a result:

* I have several big 'players' in the self-help and marketing industries as my Joint-Venture Clients

* I have done my first deal, and experienced the amazing power of NEER (took me a few hours)

* I see a world of possibility, of doing many multi-million dollar deals

* I have created a team, sharing in the profits of setting up great deals, and having fun doing so.

If there is one course you buy all year, make sure you get this one. It provided me, whether I would of had a business or not, practical, applicable methods to harnessing the infinite leverage and power of tapping into other people's resources, and being loved for doing so.

I am happy to answer any questions about my experience with JVSR, just email me -"

-- Peter G. Jarocki
Perth, Australia

Reserve My Seat!

Listen to JP Maroney!


JP Maroneys innovative solutions for business growth go way beyond everyday book learning. He applies street-smart strategies and tactics to help companies find an edge over their competition. Any company that wants access to real-world, outside-the-box strategic thinking needs to listen.


~Don Proudfoot, Director,

Small Business Development Center.

"WOW! What great information we have here

I learned more in an hour of today than I have been able to gather with countless ebooks, tapes, and programs. I have already applied some of your JV Proposal techniques to immediately strike up four joint venture deals. This is sure to immediately increase my income."

-- Eileen Wyand
St. Petersburg, FL

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"I already have enough ideas to keep me busy for the next couple of months/years.

Also, Marc, thank for asking/initiating contact with your associate who you thought would be interested in my product, that was a complete surprise, though very much appreciated, many thanks.

For anyone researching JV potentials, I have no hesitation in recommending Marcs material, he goes the extra mile in material, feedback and surprises."

-- Jeff Staniforth


Information Plus Implementation

"Marc & JP I not only understand Joint Ventures in a much better light, but have already come up with a ton of new Joint venture Ideas to offer the market place I hadn't thought of before.

If everyone knew how much you really undersell and over Deliver on this product, they wouldn't hesitate to purchase. An Incredible value guys, great job."

-- Richard Langkamp
Edmonton, AB


"Swim with the sharks and come out on top!"


"I've set up several joint ventures and have been asked to participate in projects on the JV skills I learned from you alone. One JV I just brokered brought in over $13,000 in the past two months!


"So the very least I can say is thanks, Marc. Your course allowed an inexperienced guy like me to thrive!


Sam Rosen
CEO and Founder


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"My knowledge has exploded exponentially!"


"While attending a major online marketing conference in October, 2002 I was first exposed to the idea of Joint Ventures, and learning about how to create and execute TV's successfully became the focus of my marketing education.


"With a meager grasp of the subject I succeeded in some very simple and miniscule JV deals - actually brokering a couple without knowing that I was doing so!


"Then in November, 2003 I heard about Marc's JV Broker telemarketing- and I was totally electrified: I had no idea that this kind of JV even existed! When I got my CD's I was shocked and overcome by the sheer magnitude of the solid, proven, and doable information and techniques that were revealed as I took pages and pages of notes...


"After listening to the JV Broker CD's my marketing mind set is now indelibly fixed on "JV Broker" mode and my paltry knowledge of this fabulous concept has exploded exponentially!


When it comes to JV's and JV Brokering, Marc Goldman's got the goods!"

Steve Boutelle


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