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"I Got A Complete Blueprint
For My New Business"

"...with multiple sources of income and the knowledge to execute my plan.


Joel is great at getting you to think big... and his insights about my business ideas have been invaluable to me." 


- Barbara Abernathy,
Successful Author



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From: Matt Zembruski
Framingham, Massachusetts

     Dear Determined-to-Succeed Entrepreneur,

     If you still need a reason... to get the field-tested strategies and income boosting techniques of Joel Block's revolutionary new Revenue BuilderTM program working for you... Then look no farther than the thousands of Internet-dependent "enterprises" currently reeling from July's Google "slap".

     Because if even part of your business plan includes online marketing for generating leads and making sales -- Google's recent shenanigans were more than just a "slap".

     That was a gang-style mugging... the kind of"rude awakening" Joel's Revenue BuilderTM partners easily side-stepped.

     How? By refusing to believe that "playing it safe" offers protection from the first law of business:

Change Happens

     Google sneezed and hordes of promising startups got buried.

     If you were affected by the chaos and wonder how you got blindsided, stop blaming yourself. If you avoided the devastation... but you're tired of doing business constantly looking over your shoulder... this information will excite you like nothing you've heard or seen before.

     Because the shocking truth is... No one, not even the savviest Internet gurus or grizzled Marketing veterans saw it coming.

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It was sheer devastation. Like all "bubbles" -- remember Savings and Loans in the 80s, the 1990s Tech Boom (and bust) or today's irrational Real Estate Speculation -- the early flush of fast Internet cash attracted plenty of folks who thought the "easy pickings" would never end.

They forgot what serious-minded entrepreneurs never lose sight of: building a business on "the next big thing" is the fastest way possible to lose everything you've worked so hard to build... your savings, your livelihood and a secure future for yourself and your family.

     My name is Matt Zembruski. You may know me as "Mr. Momentum."

     I constantly seek out the sharpest business minds I can find...and I succeeded... by teaming up with someone who spent his entire professional life training business owners how to build thriving, multidimensional sources of steadily increasing revenue.

     Joel Block's unique 3-tiered Revenue BuilderTM system FORCES you to rip the blinders off... then he gives you actionable step-by-step strategies for dominating your competition.

     What's the takeaway? It's this: your business consistently performs on a HIGHER LEVEL and you set yourself on the fastest, most efficient path known for multiplying your income and capturing real wealth.

Joel's Winning Record Is Undisputed

     Until recently, booking Joel's time was as difficult as getting a private performance from Celine Dion. But in a recent teleseminar, Joel cracked open the door and allowed an exclusive peek inside his operation.

     Joel's been called a business advisor by publications like Fortune and Entrepreneur magazines, but in reality he's a business evangelist, a true visionary carrying the good news of sustainable growth to an expanding list of grateful clients.

     Why am I telling you this? Because Joel's strategies have exploded my profits and those of the select group he's chosen to mentor.

     Not only that -- due to Joel's steady guidance, we've put our businesses on hyperdrive-- using his unique insights to reach more deeply into our markets than we ever imagined possible.

Yes Joel! Show Me How To Grow A 7-Figure Business

Each Year, Joel Deliberately Chooses A Handful Of Business To Work With

     He directs the full force of his laser attention on the individual challenges and opportunities of a privileged few entrepreneurs... who are shocked by the rapid transformation they experience.

     It's quite unlike anything you've ever seen -- as Joel powers up your ability to narrow your focus and stake your claim at the top 3% of businesses in your area of expertise. He then shows you how to build a robust "Revenue Octopus" that automatically leverages your strengths to create and maintain full profit momentum.

     But your education doesn't stop there. Because Joel then turns his attention to your prospects... and shows you his devilishly clever process for creating buyers... as you take your customers by the hand and deliver them directly into your marketing funnel. (What Joel calls "The other side of the river").

     In a few moments, I'll share the story of how I came to work with Joel, and how your business might qualify for this amazing ride.

"This Is The Best Course
I've Ever Taken"

"What is so great about this program is that Joel knows how to build any business because he's already done it dozens of times. It is truly refreshing to be taught by someone who has "been there and done that."

Joel really speaks to me in the language of my specific business. The amazing thing is that Joel actually does have the RIGHT answers every time.

 Joel sees a business the same way an architect sees a building plan. He intimately knows every single building block needed to build a business and in what order to work on the next block.

The entire course is so amazing. It's the best course I've ever taken!"

 - Nolden Bronkar

"Cannot Be Measured
In Dollars And Cents"

"What you are giving, Joel, cannot be measured in dollars and cents. I feel challenged, inspired, moved to create structure, encouraged to source deep within to find my deepest desire and deepest passion that will catapult me forward.

For all this I am so appreciative. Thank you Joel!"  

- Linda Bourassa

 Your Fast Track To A Healthy 7 Figure Business

     Joel's proprietary strategies -- Guru Marketing, The Revenue Octopus and Creating Buyers -- are so powerfully designed... almost ANYONE who implements them according to plan will see their business steadily grow toward 7 figures. 

     Joel first released his system during a no-holds barred conference call in the Fall of 2004. (don't worry if you missed this call, I've made special arrangements to get a recording of this material into your hands, at no charge.)

     Afterwards, those of us lucky enough to have listened live insisted that Joel give us complete access to his full program... and he agreed.

     Joel started by sharing his ideas with a close-knit group who jumped at the chance, eager for the chance to learn from him. For six-plus weeks Joel spilled the knowledge he's amassed from over 20 years as an entrepreneur, publisher and business architect.

     The ideas and strategies came so fast, that we often called each other at all hours of the night... brainstorming how to apply what we learned.

     David Wells was one of the first to put Joel's ideas to test in the real world. He started with groundwork Joel laid out for us and applied it to his new business Money

     David now produces a solid 5-figure monthly income and his take-home money grows every month! Now that he has the Revenue BuilderTM system in place and working for him, David knows exactly how he'll reach the million dollar level.

     He hasn't looked back since.

"The Supreme Launching Pad
For Profits"

"Joel's passion is evident in his approach to business growth. His revenue building strategies are the supreme launching pad for profits. Joel delivers again and again!"


- David Wells

Who is Joel Block Anyway?

     After you see his portfolio, you'll see why I jumped at the opportunity to learn from him. Joel has reached entrepreneurs worldwide and has loaned his expertise to publications like The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Investors Business Daily.

     Joel's successes include a real estate management and investment firm, where he provided average annual returns of 18 percent. In 3 years, the syndication portfolio grew to $15 million as the management firm acquired $100 million in property management contracts.

     In 1996, Joel's team was retained by the Dallas Cowboy Insider publishing company to turn around its e-publication. Historically operating in the red, Joel returned the company to profitability within three months, and the owners asked him to serve as the president and publisher.

     He developed Financial Fax, a personalized "newspaper" of selected stock market information. It became the flagship product of the customized "new media" industry born in 1992. Over the next three years, Joel's team built strategic alliances with 35 major US newspapers and radio stations.

     This is where the real benefit of the Revenue BuilderTM Program kicks in. Imagine, if you will, learning from an expert, the tried and true techniques of the top 3% of all entrepreneurs!

     With over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, he built the entire Revenue BuilderTM Program focusing on helping you grow sales, profits, and people in your business. As you work side-by-side with Joel, you place yourself squarely on the road to creating the income, lifestyle and legacy your efforts deserve.

Put Revenue BuilderTM To Work For Your Business 

     The Revenue BuilderTM System is a comprehensive, action-oriented success program based on more than 20 years of business experience working with entrepreneurs.

     Just think: What if you could have the benefit of an intensive 6-week program with America's best-known business growth expert?

Together with Joel, you set your success path with Revenue BuilderTM 

     In just 6 short weeks your business will have customers begging to do business with you. Joel will teach you how to build up a solid fan base that will provide you with growth, freedom and a lasting legacy.

     Here's how Revenue BuilderTM will change the way you think about your business...

Untouchable 'Guru Marketing' - Module I

     Simply calling yourself a "Top Expert", or a "Recognized Authority" or "Guru" is only the first step... Joel's "Guru Marketing" system gets your point across in a way so that your Prospects, Competitors and especially the Media will say it for you.

     The following are just some of the strategies and guidance you will get from listening to Part One of the six-part Revenue BuilderTM Home Study System...

Discover how to create a profitable fan base to provide you with an unlimited source of referrals and fan mail!

Find out the most powerful approach to gain alliances and joint ventures continually! Finally, crowds of people will long to partner with you when you follow this approach.

How to be personal in business to make sure people know, like and trust you.

The crucial strategies to discover your true strengths and talents... And... how this single step can launch your multimillion dollar business.

How do you become self-confident as a guru and business owner? This is where we "install" your all-important "Guru-Mindset"

How to master your mental edge as you become recognized as a world-class expert! If you look at all the superstars in the world who stay on top of their game, you'll see that it's NOT money that puts them there. Without this simple, but often overlooked strategy -- your money can easily be lost.

What are the 5 characteristics of a "Top Expert"? Plug into an unlimited source of high respect and public recognition!

Learn how to identify and evaluate your skills and abilities and use them to influence the world and create your legacy.

Find out how to monetize your skills to build a long-term, thriving business that continues to grow while you have total freedom!

Real gurus know how to handle situations of all kinds in a certain way! This is very important to understand; Don't let your business be sabotaged by your own ignorance.

How to gain credibility beyond normal recognition by easily leveraging the press and the media as an asset to your business!

Why only a select few achieve greatness. Learn how to control the perception of other people by using the Guru attitude to your advantage.

The number one reason why most entrepreneurs miss the bullseye on becoming a guru within their industry. (Hint: It isn't what you think.)

Discover how laziness can be a strength. Allow me to show you how.

Learn how to tap into your future sphere of influence and leverage the assets of other wealthy people. It's easy to do when you know this secret.

Simple techniques you can use to join the top 10% of all gurus in the world in any chosen field. And our course goes even further by showing you step by step how to claim your position within the top 3% of gurus.

The problem for most businesses and especially all businesses that fail within a year (about 90% of offline businesses fail and 98% of businesses online fail) is that these businesses DIDN'T live up to the expectations of their customers.

Joel confronts these challenges head on in...

Untouchable 'Guru Marketing' - Module II

     Here's a small sample of the strategies and guidance you get from listening to Part Two of the six-part Revenue BuilderTM Home Study Program...

The fast 5 steps to becoming a 'True Guru' so even CNN seeks advice from you! Everybody has to start somewhere, so why not start the right way?

Establish 7 important agendas to become credible in any industry you choose! Without credibility you will be eaten alive by your competition! Don't be forced to leave the game before you've experienced true success.

Discover the insider torch of knowledge to burn your message into your customers' minds without hurting them! Put this into practice and your clients run back to you over and over again! This is REAL branding material and NOT the that the ad agencies don't have a clue about.

The 5 hidden secrets on how to get published nationally by the media! The best part is that the most effective strategies are 100% free!

3 qualities that you most possess to be known and respected as a guru

How to get the highest fees possible and still have customers begging to do business with you.

How to see and read the hearts of your customers! You have the power to eat the competition alive!

Discover how to become an influential leader so more people naturally follow you! People want and need to follow leaders. Remember playing 'Follow the Leader' as children?

3 strategic messages you need to create a bullseye in your market. Uncover how to hit your personal bullseye on every attempt.

Learn how to swiftly mesmerize viewers with your presentation! Gurus and proper presentations should stick together like glue.

Unlock the secrets to painting a vision that your audience can't resist.

Discover why most entrepreneurs are marketing all wrong (even on their business cards). It's not too late to leverage the biggest advantage most small businesses never learn, until it's too late...  Mega-successful entrepreneurs are always the best marketers.

How to instantly know if you're going in the right direction! Miss this and your business is sure to self-destruct.

How to use the Internet to appear like a big corporation and snag the unfair advantage from the big companies! Most entrepreneurs are using the Internet the wrong way and that's why so many fail online.

Why "putting yourself in a box" can be the most powerful strategy to becoming an instant guru. Unlock this wisdom and create an instant audience for your products and services.

What are the 'Little Things' you can do to create long-term success in your business? Scoring is always exciting but it's the unnoticeable 'Little Things' that win championships!

How to make you, your product, or your service be more precious than oxygen to your customers. Once you have learned this, your customers will love you forever.

... And Much, Much More!

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Extracted from the San Fernando Valley Business Journal - 6/20/05

Which Person Was Most Pivotal In Your Success As An Entrepreneur?

"Which person was the most pivotal in your success as an entrepreneur?"


"There are not one but two gentlemen who helped me along the way. One was Joel Block founder of


He's a business consultant and a long time friend of mine. Joel has a brilliant entrepreneurial mind."

- Mark Widawer,
Owner of West Hills Web Inc.

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Creating Buyers - Module I

     What a mindset shift this was for me... Is it possible to have buyers begging to do business with you? Joel's answer is an unqualified "YES" Discover how to dig deep into the buying heart of your prospects to make this happen.

     The following are just some of the strategies and guidance you get from listening to Part Five of the six-part Revenue BuilderTM Home Study Program...

The perfect sales storm that showers profits day after day and night after night! You'll be soaked in positive cash flow.

Discover how to stop selling based solely on price and start putting more money in your pocket. If you don't know this, you're fighting a battle you don't have to fight and losing revenue at the same time.

The secrets to finding the deepest desires and benefits to win the hearts of your customers! Guide your customer to surrender and open up their wallet or purse (for the right reasons).

Are you selling the wrong idea? We're not referring to your idea but the ideas circling in your customers' minds right now.

How to close the gap between you and your customer to draw them closer to your business! Very few prospects can resist this once you start using it.

What is the "other side of the river"? A lot of entrepreneurs never reach this level, but you will soon see the promise land of your vision.

Harness the power of curiosity to get qualified prospects thinking about you and your business! If you're doing this right, then your prospects are finding it hard to sleep thinking about the opportunity they're losing if they don't become a paying customer of yours.

Using the most engaging symbol in the English language to create buyers! Those who are doing this properly are the leaders of their markets.

What is selling? If your definition and your outlook on selling aren't creating the results you're looking for within your life, then you have a problem. Follow this strategic advice to turbocharge your sales engine.

Use needs and wants to get a prospect to consume your "food."

What is a commodity product and how does it relate to the "low cost syndrome?"

Understanding the 'what' of creating buyers.

How to get your ideal clients' attention! Your headline is only the beginning.

How to build confidence in people so they will have confidence in you.

What really should be on your website and why most people get this wrong!

If a website was the key to making money online, then everyone online would prosper! Discover the downfall of 97.4% of all websites.

What are your prospects' hidden response triggers and how to easily convert them to fanatical customers? This is a key point that most entrepreneurs don't even know they should be thinking about.

How to reverse the curse of competing on price. (This begins at the core of your business)

How to create a core to your business that manifests a harvest in every season! If the core of your business isn't solid, then it's rotten and will eventually crumble.

... And Much, Much More!


Creating Buyers - Module II

     Creating buyers is a science anyone can master. Finally you discover how to give your prospects a map to fulfill their deepest desires... where all roads lead to you!

     The following are just some of the strategies and guidance you will get from listening to Part Six of the six-part Revenue BuilderTM Home Study Program...

Unlock your own step-by-step recipe for creating curiosity so prospects come knocking on your door with money in hand. Just copy the steps we've laid out for you and then paste it into your business.

The real formula to creating strategic partners that motivates them to promote you days, weeks, months, years and for a lifetime!

How disqualifying certain factors within your business will make all the difference in taking you and your business into the next level!

Developing a dynamic plan of attack! Winning a battle isn't enough: you must consistently win the war!

3 compelling elements that when they crash into each other they create desperation for your product - Guaranteed

How to overcome any problem or challenge as an entrepreneur!

How to get your customer to look up to you as their provider, just like a new born child depends and looks up to their mother!

How to share an awesome product or solution and engrain it into the thoughts of your audience forever!

Find the golden path with bilateral relationships!

You want people to feel a certain amount of ___________ for people to companion with you. By the way, it isn't love because you should always reflect love in life plus you can't make people feel love but you can cause people to want to become part of your business!

Are you looking at your sales cycles all wrong?

How to prevent miscommunication between the buyer and the seller which is always your responsibility.

One of the most powerful principles is you have to deliver more _________ !

5 physiological triggers that ring the dinner bell when it's time to come and consume your product! It's dinner time... come and get it!

How to snoop and find the hidden agenda of your customers! When you learn to know your customers agenda you can provide exactly when they need.

Uncover the 5 most powerful questions that should always be asked in meetings with prospective clients.

     ... And Much, Much More!

Order Revenue BuildersTM Today!

"Specific Strategies Anyone Can Use"

"Joel gave specific strategies anyone can use to build revenue. Joel has a unique perspective and shows you exactly how to create buyers. Tons of valuable information. Thank You!!"


- Jean Chelin

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We're Opening The Doors For A Limited Time

     Before today, only about 100 people would gain exclusive access to our Revenue BuilderTM Program in one year. You see the full Program is 6 weeks long and we would only allow about 20 people within each program so that we could give the individual time that each person needed.

     Typically, we can only do 3-4 programs a year. Joel and I each run several successful businesses. And we like the freedom of taking vacations with our families whenever we please... so 5 programs in a year is all we can do. But...

     A few weeks ago, Joel and I decided that we were seeing far to many hopeful entrepreneurs struggling for no reason. We thought about 1-on-1 consultations...

     Now, our 1-on-1 consultations aren't for bargain shoppers. I normally charge $300 per hour. And a private consultation with Joel would cost you well over $5000 per hour for his time and that's not including royalties. We knew that we could make a huge difference for many struggling entrepreneurs, but we wanted to reach as many people as possible.

      So we came up with a system containing 9 hours of solid audio content from Joel.

The Revenue Builders Difference

     Now the math may be a bit intimidating (9 hours X $5000 per hour). There are 6 modules within this system. Separately, we offered them for $200 each. Which would mean the entire 6 module set prices out at $1200.

     We have sold this package for as low as $800 in the past. But when you act today and purchase the Revenue BuilderTM Home Study Course, you'll save over $200.00 off our lowest price.

     In the last two years alone Revenue BuilderTM has won rave reviews from motivated entrepreneurs in Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and of course, right here in the US."

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     6 weeks of live Revenue BuilderTM teleseminars with Joel Block -- This is a small group setting of less than 50 people, which means you get all your questions answered immediately by Joel Block.

     6 weeks of recorded Revenue BuilderTM teleseminars with Joel Block -- In case you miss a live teleseminar or just want to hear it again, you get immediate access to a recorded MP3 version of each week's call with Joel Block.

     34 weeks of live Revenue BuilderTM Breakout Sessions and Mastermind Calls -- This is a small group setting of ten people or less, which means you get all your questions answered immediately each week by either Matt Zembruski or Joel Block.

     6 sets of digital Revenue BuilderTM Workbooks, Answer Keys, and PowerPoint Presentations -- This is a complete digital copy of all the materials you received as part of your Revenue BuilderTM Home Study Program. Also, you will get an updated copy of all these materials as any changes or improvements are made to the content.

     This means you're on the phone live with Joel Block every week for 6 weeks! And you're on the phone live with Matt Zembruski every week for 7.5 months in our private Breakout Sessions and Mastermind Program!

     Our Take-You-By-The-Hand Interactive Revenue BuilderTM Program gives you a minimum of 7.5 months of personal contact with Joel Block and Matt Zembruski. If that doesn't move your business forward faster than a high-speed rocket, maybe you should consider working for someone.

images/check2.gif Fast Action Bonus #2 - Worldwide Premier Teleseminar

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On November 14th 2006, We're Going To
Stun the Business World!

     When you reserve your place, we'll give you access to some amazing information that will literally explode your business

     This will be a teleseminar series that has never been revealed to the public and won't be officially announced until November 14th. 

      NO ONE has ever talked about this. Before we allow you into our conference line you will have to verbally agree not to disclose this information to anyone. Get your sneak peak and dominate your market with ease.

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Fast Action Bonus #4 - Million Dollar Business Vision (Only for the first 20 people -- $97.00 Value)

     The truth is... you can't build a million dollar business without the proper vision. The vision of most entrepreneurs today is limited and not sufficient to propel their business to great heights. It's no wonder that 90% of businesses fail within the first year.

     What's even worse than flat-out failure? Hanging on year after year... knowing you're leaving money on the table with no clear way to fix things.

     Joel Block reveals the formula that you can use to take your business to the million dollar level and beyond.

     This is the type of thinking you need to catapult your business to new levels of achievement. We're going to tell you exactly how to create a million dollar business vision that your target prospects will be excited to support!

     Again, this is information that we don't usually share outside of our Program. But if you're one of the first 17 16 people who take action and place your order, this bonus material will be yours for the taking.

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You get your entire first month free to our paid membership club for Revenue Builders. This will include the following:
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  • Contact Information for each of our Experts is stored in the membership site. This will make it easy for you to contact each of our top experts to ask questions or learn more about their material.
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Here's Your Entire Package!...

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Guru Marketing Module 1 $200.00 Included
Guru Marketing Module 2 $200.00 Included
Revenue Octopus Module 1 $200.00 Included
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Creating Buyers Module 1 $200.00 Included
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Take our system. Follow the steps. Try it out. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with what this program offers, we don't want your money. Just drop us a note anytime within the next 365 days and we'll refund every penny of your money promptly.

Try it for a full 365 days to evaluate it yourself and put these strategies to the test at our risk. If you don't think we deliver you all of what we've said here then we will promptly return every penny you paid.

That's a FULL YEAR to try our system risk-free. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this system isn't right for you, then we will promptly return every penny you paid.

 No questions, no hassles, no further obligations, and no hard feelings on our part. You must be completely satisfied, no excuses! If you are not satisfied just let us know and we will refund you immediately. Fair enough?

This is our personal committed promise to you,

Matt Zembruski & Joel Block

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Risk Free Trial

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