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When undue stress has robbed you of the simple joys of everyday living...

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If youre weary of the toll constant emotional tension 

is taking on your body and mental well-being, 

now theres reason for hope.


You can bring stress under control... 

Not by avoiding itbut by interrupting it at its source.



What is it that allows this elegantly designed, completely portable little device... about the size of a deck of cards... to swiftly relieve nervousness, restlessness and tension-related stress?


As you read through the information on this site, you'll see how StressEraser effectively halts the downward spiral of stress by enlisting your bodys own natural relaxation response.   





I have found heaven in this device. 

Leah M. Tompkins
Litchfield, Minnesota





"By addressing the actual nerves that regulate stress, which extend from the brain stem throughout the body, we are able to affect stress on multiple fronts simultaneously."


Click here for an interview with Michael Wood, our Chief Science Officer &




"The StressEraser is a ground breaking achievement in the area of stress reduction and biofeedback."

Robert Reiner, Ph.D.
Executive Director, 

Behavioral Associates
Faculty member, 

Dept. of Psychiatry,
NYU Medical Center

When you're out of balance...


"Stretched thin"...

Do you exhibit any of these telltale signs of chronic stress? 

Restlessness or feeling keyed up or on edge. 

Being easily fatigued.

Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank. 

Difficulty controlling your moods. 

Muscle tension. 

Sleep disturbance (difficulty falling or staying asleep, or restless unsatisfying sleep).


Depleted energy, irritability, uncontrolled or binge eating, diminished capacity to find pleasure in sex...if this sounds familiar, you're not alone.   


It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the accelerated pace of feel uneasy about the need to juggle work and home...and anxious about making a mess of both.


But can you afford to become discouraged when so many are counting upon you?


For a few moments, we'd like to share some insights into how you can gain relief from the primary sources of stress...physical, mental and emotional tension.


Youll see whyeven though youre listening to your doctor's advice and doing all the right things


You still carry a significant risk of being victimized by a host of stress related and stress induced illnesses.  


StressEraser provides the relief you need... prevent the damaging effects of accumulated stress. And allows you to begin and end each day feeling relaxed, renewed, and confident.





StressEraser Offers Cues to Help
Users Find 'Perfect Window' of Breathing


Live on Good Morning America
Feb. 24th, 2006

Physiology of a 

Silent Thief:


LeftSide rightside


 StressEraser trained me to chill out like a yogic master.

 Wired Gadget Lab
Jan. 17th, 2006 


Washington Post
Jan. 3rd, 2006

During periods of stress (even low level stress), the bodys stimulating nerves cause the mind to become restless by increasing brain activity.


Causing nervousness by increasing heart rate and blood pressure...and tension by increasing the rate of respiration.

The bodys pacifying nerves reverse each of these effects. 

Calming your mind by stopping your stimulating nerves from agitating your brain...relaxing your body by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure... and easing tension by allowing your breathing to become slower and deeper. 

  • StressEraser is the first device of its kind capable of decoding the real-time activity of these nervesproviding you with the state-specific information you need to rapidly gain control over your stress levels.

  • Using your own heart rate information, StressEraser enables you to quickly regulate the activity level of both the stimulating and pacifying nerves.

  • Users report feeling calmer, more focused and more composed in even intensely stressful situations...


Increases Alertness


I am totally amazed at how much better I feel. I am more alert and even optimistic. It really shocks me at how great it worked." 


Glenn Holiday Merced, California



Helicor's StressEraser can reduce or even eliminate effects of

chronic stress.


In many cases after only a single session!


A Life Disrupted


In 2001, seemingly out of nowhere...


Michael Wood, a successful inventor, began suffering from uncharacteristic and quite alarming symptoms.


His resting heart rate was racing above 100 beats per minute.


His weight had dropped to 130 pounds on his 5 10 frame.


His blood pressure was steadily rising, and he was unable to sleep most nights.


When his condition did not improve on its own, Michael was forced to face some uncomfortable truths about his prospects for full recovery.


He learned that the same characteristics that make you successfulintelligence, creativity and attention to detailcan also create extreme physical and emotional tension.


Here's what else he found... 


The Daily Battle

Against Chronic Stress


Until quite recently, stress has been commonly defined as... 


"A massive discharge of the stimulating nerves, accompanied by the release of cortisol and other hormones" (the familiar Fight or Flight response.)


And the antidote to this kind of stress was simply...


"A massive sustained discharge of the pacifying nerves" (or Rest and Digest) 


Fortunately, most of us don't commonly face repeated episodes of "fight or flight". But our bodies sometimes behave as if we had. 


This was the the dilemma Michael Wood faced. 


The same deep concern reported by 85 individuals who shared their daily struggles with us during StressEraser's pilot program...and for upwards of 139 million people who will seek help for severe stress this year.


It's the hidden source of so much unnecessary suffering.  


The causes of chronic stress are complex. In the overwhelming majority of cases...the very things that give rise to mental, emotional and even bodily distress can't be dealt with by physical confrontation or running away.


Update: Aug. 21, 2005

StressEraser was the "dominant story" of the 113th meeting of the American Psychological Association, held in Washington, DC.


Also showcased at the 39th annual convention of the association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies...


StressEraser is scheduled for clinical trials in January to determine its effectiveness in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)


Boston University clinical psychologist Stefan G. Hofmann, an anxiety disorder specialist, is hopeful the trials will provide therapists with an effective resource for treatment of GAD.

So what do you do 

when you can't fight back?


Where do you turn 

if you can't run away?


Left unattended, chronic stress wears down your emotional well-being. Much the same way a steady drip of water wears down even the hardest stone. But it doesn't stop there...


At first the damage goes unnoticed.


Over time you lose your ability to recover.  


One-by-one your body's self-maintenance systems begin to shut down. 


You feel as if you're losing control of your own emotions...trapped by your job, your family, your situation...consumed by worry and anxious about the future...depressed and overwhelmed.


Try as you might to "snap out of it," you can't seem to escape the constant negative thoughts swirling through your head.


Everyone of us has a network of friends, family and coworkers who depend on us.


When disruptive thought patterns intrude into our relationships and compromise our lives, the pain can be unbearable. 


Michael knew continued exposure to stress would block the ability of any relaxation technique to restore his body and mind to a resilient condition.


Rather than tolerate an unbearable situation, Michaels unique background allowed him a way out.


He began a painstaking study of stress reduction techniques...


Discovering The "Keys to Composure"

Early in his research, Michael settled on a scientifically grounded method--the focus phrase technique--as holding great promise. 

But previous research suggested this technique required a good deal of coaching and a significant investment of time to master.


He wanted to find a way to rapidly relax and feel good at any moment, especially moments when he was experiencing a lot of stress, and to provide a method that could be easily duplicated by the first sign of emotional or physical turmoil. 


Simply put, Michael wanted to be able to calm his mind and relax his body in minutes... anytime, anywhere.



I LOVE this device I carry mine everywhere. 

Sally T.


He'd learned that under the right conditions the bodys pacifying nerves are able to completely shut down the stimulating nerves...


Gain Access To Your Body's 

Exquisite Equilibrium


In general, your body's pacifying nerves function in an opposing manner to the stimulating nerves...(in medical terminology the pacifying nerves are referred to as "parasympathetic", the stimulating nerves are "sympathetic"). 

  • Your brain is hardwired to inhibit stimulating nerve activity whenever the pacifying nerves are active.

  • Increasing the activity of the pacifying nerves...stops the stimulating nerves from interfering with the relaxation response.

  • When the pacifying nerves are highly active, they exert a powerful calming effect...

StressEraser Amplifies 

The Relaxation Effects 

Of The Pacifying Nerves

Michael's  investigations uncovered multiple credible sources that claimed certain breathing methods could..."directly increase the activity of the pacifying nerves." 


He then asked a series of questions...


"Which breathing method, if any, increases pacifying nerve activity?"


"Could such a breathing method actually suppress the stimulating nerves...even when these nerves have been activated by the stress response?"


"Would such a breathing method enable a focus phrase to trigger the relaxation response at anytime...even when a person is feeling stressed?"


"Would the focus phrase trigger the relaxation response more rapidly with such a breathing method...due to the calming nature of the pacifying nerve activity?"


Through rigorous experimentationusing standard medical equipmenthe developed a dynamic breathing practice that produced the precise results he was looking for.


By combining the dynamic breathing method with the focus phrase technique... Michael successfully resolved his own stress-related issues.  


Based on solid scientific reasoning, as well as his own personal success, he recognized his discovery would provide welcome relief for chronic stress. 



The Cycle Of Stress 


Perhaps you've visited your doctor and he asked you to stick your finger

in a little device...called a pulse oximeter, to measure your pulse rate and the amount of oxygen in your blood.


The StressEraser uses a similar technology to identify every pulse the

moment it occurs... 


StressEraser displays the up-and-down movement of the pulse rate as a wave.







What causes your pulse rate to move up and down? 


Understanding this is the key to becoming free from the three major sources of stress...mental, physical and emotional.


The Vagus Nerve


The up-and-down movement of your pulse rate is caused by the activity of the vagus nerve...the primary pacifying nerve of the body. 


Each time the vagus nerve activates, the heart rate decreases...

  • Vagus nerve activity comes and goes in waves. 

  • When it comes, the heart rate drops. 

  • When it goes, the heart rate returns to its baseline. 

Whats so important about the vagus nerve? When it comes to getting rid of stress everything!


The vagus nerve instantly responds to both physical stress and emotional



If you accurately measure the response of the vagus nerve, you can use that measurement to guide you to become free of physical and emotional stress.


Although we cannot directly monitor mental stress using the vagus nerve, its

activity contains an important key for getting rid of mental stress. 

  • Vagus nerve activity suppresses the sympathetic nerves...the nerves that increase mental activity.

  • An increase in vagus nerve activity causes a decrease in sympathetic nerve activity. 

  • The more active that the vagus nerve is, the less active the sympathetic nerves will become.

Monitoring the Vagus Nerve


In the 1970s, medical researchers developed a method to use the

heart rate measurements to monitor the activity of the vagus nerve.


Clinical studies have shown that when the vagus nerve comes on twice as strong, its going to lower the heart rate twice as fast.


StressEraser uses this simple fact to accurately measure the amount of vagus nerve activity at any moment. 


How does this help you with mental stress? 


By monitoring the time that the vagus nerve activity is strongest, we know when the sympathetic nerves no longer have power to increase mental activity. 


This is an ideal time to shift your mind off of troubling thoughts and onto your focus phrase, because at that moment, you dont have sympathetic nerves agitating your mind.


Its simple, and proven to be highly effective.


StressEraser Quickly Restores

You To A State Of Inner Balance


After a "soft" introduction in 2005, Michael Wood's compact, completely portable, wire-free device began receiving notice from the media and enthusiastic mental health professionals...who were quick to adopt the StressEraser as a powerful treatment option. 

Don't let the size of this sturdy little life support system fool you. The StressEraser is a powerful ally...providing you with a sure, reliable means to help you navigate through your day.


Drift Off To Sleep

With A Clean Slate

The device has helped me to make a much cleaner break between my day and when 

I start trying to sleep. 

Adin Burroughs
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Simply place your order through our secure server, and receive your StressEraser at your door via FedEx. (Overnight shipping is available.)

In just minutes, the easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions help you coordinate your personal wellness routine. 

Allow StressEraser's innovative software to quickly lead you through a guided sequence of actions, providing you with support, clear direction and encouragement (yes, it really does encourage you!) 


Start-Up Menu

You receive positive reinforcement throughout each session. In no time you easily acquire the knack for finding just the right rhythm for your breathing...

Giving you the leverage to quickly zero in on and eliminate repetitive, self-defeating thought patterns. 

Rediscover Your "Better Self"

How much more could you accomplish, how much more passion would you bring to your relationships if you weren't battling with unnecessary external and internal stress?

 With No Wires, Or Anything

To Plug-In, Stresseraser

Is Completely

Portable and Discreet


"I must say that after using the StressEraser in any situation 

I feel so much better. 

Lavonne Nelson
Joppa, Maryland


StressEraser empowers you to...


  •  Free yourself from undesired habits...cast off unwanted automatic reactions.  

  • Prepare to learn...studies show a relaxed, focused mind can absorb information much faster.  

  • Enjoy traveling...Taking your StressEraser along on trips lightens your load and eases travel anxieties. (A quick word of cautionwe don't recommend using StressEraser while driving or operating machinery, there is such a thing as being too relaxed!)

 StressEraser also helps you clear your mind for decision-making, by allowing you to focus on important details and not obsess over unlikely, negative "what-ifs." 


If you've ever lain awake after a too-busy day...exhausted, but unable to sleep due to the thoughts continuously racing through your know how frustrating it is. 


Especially if you've got an early morning wakeup call, or important tasks to perform shortly after waking. 



Nightly Use Of Helicor's StressEraser Enables 

You To Quiet Your Mind Before Sleeping. 



Keep Your Composure


The past four days have been highly stressful with a death 

of a close loved one. Even in 

the trauma of the event, the Stress Eraser has done it's job well, calming me whenever 

I feel really upset. 

Amber A.

StressEraser will get you out of bed on the right foot, too.


The focus you attain by using StressEraser...before your mind has had the chance to initiate any negative feedback loops...will keep you feeling in control throughout even the most challenging day. 

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


Daily Renewal 

I can't remember the last time I've been so relaxed. It's a refreshing feeling for once. 

Nichole K.

By now you're beginning to see that what StressEraser offers is much, much more than a simple "feel-good" affirmation, or quick time-out. The rewards go much deeper...



And Relax

  • In intensely stressful situations...the key is to use the StressEraser until you notice your mind automatically wandering onto other thoughts.

  • The guided focus StressEraser provides will help steer you away from specific stressful thoughts that keep playing over-and-over again in your mind. 

  • Using the StressEraser requires no extensive training, and you can repeat the experience as many times as you home, in your car or office...anywhere you choose! 

Continue using StressEraser and anchor these benefits to your lifestyle...the people, events and situations that once caused you so much turmoil no longer pull your "stress triggers."


Order your StressEraser today

Every StressEraser Purchase Includes A 60-day, No Questions Asked, Satisfaction Guarantee. 

You have up to 60 days from your purchase date to try the StressEraser in your home, at work, anywhere you find yourself experiencing undue emotional or physical stress.

If you are not completely delighted and convinced that StressEraser lives up to our promise, simply return your StressEraser, for a full prompt and cheerful refund.

Less than five minutes from now,  you'll be on the road to a more satisfying lifestyle than you may have thought pain, no pills to pop, just a few minutes each day dedicated to reclaiming your sanity from the chaos around you.


Reclaim Your Peace Of Mind 


I took mine to the dentist yesterday and while the hygienist was working on me, I used it and actually it was my calmest dental visit yet. I have been in several wars, flown over 10,000 hours in combat jets, visited New York City, and one Worlds Fair, but I have always been more stressed in dental visits than anything else. 

Stephan P

   Return to a Life of "Everyday Grace"

It's easy sometimes to put off those small, but important visiting friends, mending broken relationships or taking time for those who are closest to us.

All too often, what we neglect most is ourselves. 

If you've ever flown, then you know in an emergency, your first duty is to give yourself oxygen. If you don't, what chance do you stand to help anyone else?

May we suggest you take a

moment for personal inventory? 


Are you truly available when and where you're needed? Or do you sometimes let outside stresses and nagging self-doubts dictate your agenda?


If you've read this far, you likely recognize that stress is playing a much larger role in your life than it should. You may even have sought out help before.


But for some reason, whether because of unpleasant side effects from prescription drugs, or a lack of positive results, your problems with stress have not been laid to rest.


It doesn't matter how many times you've tried and failed. 


Don't give up. 


Your first concern must be to give yourself oxygen. Think about what you stand to lose.


Even more important, consider all you have to gain. Surely, a part of you knows that you deserve to be free from this needless burden.


Yet, another part of you still has doubts...will this turn out like everything else? After all, nothing's worked before. Except, when all is said and done, will you seek help elsewhere, or will you continue to just "get by?"


Yet, there's one more part of you that understands the risk of doing nothing is far too dangerous, especially when you consider what's at stake.


There's no need for you to go it alone. Michael Wood knew that in 2001. He chose to act. 


Now you have a choice.


Follow the link below to our secure order page. You'll be happy you did. 


(Use our toll-free number if you prefer to order by phone.) 


And remember, you have a full 60 days to try the StressEraser. 


If you don't find that youre more relaxed, calm and focused than you've ever been, simply return your StressEraser for a full refund. It's that simple.  


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